Intro to Coding

The ability to understand and create imagery and environments through code is the building block to being a great designer and I believe should be a pre-requisite or core subject for many post secondary design courses. Understanding implications and connotation of visual design is only half the job. Knowledge of platform frameworks and constraints helps inform overall system compatible design, literacy in code helps build this knowledge and i believe will soon make its way into the elements of Art & Design

Code Studio are an educational website focusing on delivering introduction to computer coding through gaming. They have a fantastic online program called the Hour of Coding which is an introduction to basic code thinking with visual reference to help add context to the code. This is a fantastic way to introduce the computational thinking strategies of grouping and repeating commands to build simple algorithms. As the user progresses through the 20 puzzles, pattern recognition is used to build the level of sophistication for each code. And at the end of the game you get a snazzy certificate! whoop!!!