Google Earth Teacher Resource

The idea of creating a Google Earth in the classroom video resource was derived from finding a way to cover uses for the app in the collaborators four different learning areas into a short succinct resource directed at teachers. Because the app is fairly commonplace and comes with a wealth of accessible online documentation covering its basic use we focused on delivering specific ideas for educational uses in each learning area instead of a broad overview of the app. Each group member created their own screencast explaining an ideas for a learning activity that involved the use of Google Earth, I edited them into a short video using imovie and published online to my youtube channel with signposts to each learning area section in the video. The video was then placed into a prezi online presentation with some additional information regarding each learning area to build context around the resource. As a group we decided to make this as specific and succinct as possible in the aim of keeping the viewer engaged and to use this resource as a starting point for further independent investigation into the viewer’s learning areas.