Example of flipped learning (digital drawing)

This example of flipped learning is aimed toward Visual Communication Design Unit 1, Outcome 1: Drawing as a means of communication. I have created an online video stepping through how to digitally cut out an image using the pen tool. This is one of the most basic modes of digital drawing and has a wide range of applications across digital image manipulation and creation in Art & VCD. Students would watch the video at home accompanied by the “cheat sheet’ to copy steps down in a sequence that makes sense to them.


Accompanying cheat sheet:

In class activity:

This can be followed by any digital drawing activity giving more time to the teaching design thinking and guiding students in the creative side of the activity opposed to instructing skills for the whole lesson.

Here is my example: Students will choose a sentence (think song lyric, poetry or advertisement etc.) and find an image that to represents each word in that sentence, they then need to create a digital collage using those images that represents the sentence. This task teaches visual representation, and aesthetic composition as well as re-enforces the Photoshop skills of image manipulation (digital drawing). This activity could be done in one lesson if the pre-activity is completed and skills are pre-learnt. There is also room to extend this activity and combine into mixed media drawing or link to industry practice with a branding or logo design activity.