Digital PD Resources

As part of the ITC (information technology in the classroom) class we are creating an online PD (professional development) resource for teachers about a digital app. Students within our class come from a range of learning areas so as you can imaging the apps covered vary in application and purpose. The applications covered by students in my class are Kahoot, Coaches Eye, Google Earth, Plickers, Sibelius, Google Images

What I am more interested in was the format of the resource’s. The idea of a professional development resource for made for practical use by teachers in my mind is greatly different to university project. Many of the groups made google docs with text and links to resources, this is an easy way to display information and links to further resources but most looked quite text heavy and pretty un-inspiring, leading me to think engagement would be limited. Some groups made youtube videos of screen casts and talking which I find a little more engaging but in the context of a professional development resource can be limited and is sometimes hard to pinpoint specific information you may want. One group created a weebly website where information is accessible by a structured menu which allows for easy navigation to specific content. Im my mind the website approach is the most professional and the most engaging format for a PD resource.

The group I was part of decided to make an online video hosted on youtube of screen cast’s talking about applications for google earth in different learning areas. In my experience of tutorial style videos I lose concentration very quickly and tend to skip ahead. So we tried to keep it as short and succinct as possible not talking about the program or research surrounding pedagogy but more about the functionality of the program and how those functions can be practically applied to different learning areas.

The most interesting part of this professional development sessin was the ensuing discussion with a fellow classmate which led to the discovery of the Postcards From Google Earth work by artist Clement Valla.


image: Clement Valla,