Computational Thinking

Computational thinking. These are the main idea from this video.

  • Decomposition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Abstraction
  • Algorithm design

Sounds complicated? Not really… I have put down some descriptions that make sense to me

  • Decomposition = breaking down the problem into its individual elements.
  • Pattern recognition = Looking for patterns across all the elements and across multiple problems.
  • Abstraction = Looking at the problem in a different context.
  • Algorithm design = Putting patterns identified in past problems to solve new problems.

I think in essence it is a really simple and logical way of problem solving. In Visual Communication Design the process of reverse briefing fits into the computational thinking model. When reverse briefing we look at a finished design and break it down into the different areas of the design brief; client, purpose, audience, context, constraints. Once the product is broken down into its separate problems or brief components we look at how design problems (some examples below) have been solved by other designers giving us patterns and design algorithms for future design problems. I call this design thinking.