Questioning is the key to understanding! In my view the main aim of art and design theory is for students to gain their own understanding of the why opposed to just regurgitating content to be able to sit an exam or set achieve a set criteria. The basis of art and design theory is evaluation; evaluation of why artist made aesthetic decisions, evaluation of how social contexts affected art practice throughout history, evaluation of ethical issues and the role art and and design in society and most of all to evaluate how to interpret what is seen right in front of them. Dictation of content from a book or slide into another does not aid construction of ones own knowledge, hence leads to only superficial understanding and memory skills. Guiding questions are the main tool to students unlocking their own understanding of an idea, concept, image, time or place. With knowledge of the learner and how they learn, teachers can use questioning at any level to help construct environments where collective social knowledge derived from student input aides self esteem and deeper understanding.

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