The Value of an Image

Value is an interesting concept when it comes to images and artworks. What defines why one painting may be worth so much and another nothing? In a visually saturated world how do we assign value on images? How do people own images? How do we define value? monetary, emotive, cultural?

These are incredibly important questions to explore in the art and design classroom. Not only aspiring artist and designers need to understand the value and meaning of images, copyright law is a omnipresent issue across many professions and is seldom spoken about outside the creative fields.

The below screen printing task explored the value of commercial images and image making processes by creating collages from advertisements and digitally altering them to create a screen print edition. All commercial applications but used to create a fine art piece. the ideas of context, appropriation and edition were all spoken about in relation to how valuable the images were in their different stages of the creative process and final outcome.





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