Screen Printing, Group Work and Aesthetics Through Process.

I have had the chance to teach screen printing (my major area of expertise) to several different age groups ranging from middle school students to post grad university students to retirees and experimented with a few different angles. Screen printing is an equipment heavy process and requires a reasonable amount of space and equipment to allow large groups of people to partake at once. I feel the below process of collaboration through the creative process allows for a happy medium of skill, theory and aesthetic exploration.

Through my work at Dangerfork Print Co. I have grown a love for the idea of aesthetics being driven by process. As a commercial application many people see printmaking as an image reproduction process, I prefer to see it as an image creation process with the image’s first incarnation in that printed form. When developing a way to teach screen printing to groups I fixated on the idea of artistic collaboration to create a multi coloured print, satisfying the space issue and highlighting the process and constraints of the medium. Compromise and refinement during the creative process are a necessity in a professional setting and can lead to super interesting and non obvious outcomes. The process I have developed addresses the main ideas of working within a group and looking at abstraction as a process of simplification and reduction of aesthetic properties to create visual communication through associations.

Below is an instruction sheet explaining the process in detail, designed by Lauren Bardin and some photos of the process in action

Download (PDF, 632KB)