Accidental Aesthetics

I love the idea of accidental aesthetics derived from following a process, this is something I explored in my last body of work for the exhibition Repetition/Abstraction at Goodspace. The idea of setting up a process to follow but encouraging diversion through the process then treating the end piece as a provocation for the next is a hard idea for students to get their head around. The idea of art making being an iterative process where a final outcome lays base for the next exploration teaches the value in reflection of process and encourages trail and error (the cornerstone of creativity).

The below pictures are from a lino cut workshop where textured rubbings were used as inspiration to make a carving which was then printed into a zine. Instead of placing each print center on the page I tiled them across the whole sheet so when folded down into the zine the individual page compositions were individual, an accidental derivative of the process. each of these pages could be used for provocation for further pieces and an aesthetic is developed through an iterative process.

The zine also serves as a folio of sorts, documenting a process and stage of an artistic journey. I like the idea of post-curated folios like zines and artist books. They document process and progression an a more subtle and authentic form than the almost scientific layout of traditional school folio full of annotated drawings.


20161011_140306  20161011_140340 20161011_141703 20161011_141747 20161011_141751 20161011_141755 20161011_141758