Permanent Drawing

In my short time in the art and design classroom I have noticed a trend of students wanting to produce “perfect” drawings each time they put put pencil to paper. I believe that skills are honed through an iterative cycle of trial error and reflection which is disrupted by students trepidation of producing a “bad drawing”. I believe lesson are best learned when mistakes are made, this is especially pertinent in the visual arts. Drawing with permanent materials (pens, markers, paint etc) helps to break free of the preconception that every drawing needs to be a finished piece representing everything the student wants it to. Drawing should be taught with a practice makes perfect mentality where mistakes are glorified as a stepping stone in the pursuit of perfection.

Below are some observational and concept sketches by a student group who were very taken aback when instructed to only draw with pen and marker and scolded for crossing out or trying to erase.

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