Drawing to Aid Visual Literacy

One of my core teaching values for visual art and design is to explicitly highlight the communication skills built in these subject areas. Visual literacy is so important in the world we live in today! From the moment we wake till the moment we sleep we are bombarded by visual stimulus from our smart devices and surrounding environment. The ability to decipher what it all means and interact with the world as a savvy, consumer wise member of society is built on a strong understanding of visual associations. These skills are taught in the art and design classroom!

Visual literacy does not only lead to potential careers in the graphic arts, but lays the base to be more intuitive business people, educators, social service providers, etc. To do any job well strong communication skills are needed. Whilst verbal communication skills have been the main focus of education I believe that the world our children and their children will be working in will rely more heavily on non verbal, efficient and faster ways of communicating.

The below drawing is a visual representation for the word ‘orbit’. Exercises like this that include representing a word in as many different drawings as possible aid students ability to think divergently about solving a simple problem and communicating without words.