Visual Lyrics Visual Communication Design Task

This task is to be delivered for Visual Communication Design students during unit 2 looking at applications of visual communication design, area of study 2:
type and imagery.

The students will choose a line from a song. For each of the words in that line the students will find an image online that visually represents that word. Sourced images need to have a creative commons license to avoid copyright infringements. The beginning point of the image search will be the creative commons website. The students will then create an animated gif and upload to a personal Tumblr page setup during the class. The class will set up a group Tumblr which they will all add their animation to, creating an online gallery where each of the class members is a contributing member. Once the
class has uploaded the animation from each member the students will email the task to another Unit 2 viscom student from another school and invite their classes to join and participate in the same task. The students will continue to pass the task and see how far the project carries and how much artwork is uploaded to the gallery.

This project aims to look at the issues of digital ownership of images as well as the potential for virtual spaces to act as connection point for youths from around the world. The project also looks at the potential for collaboration between students without any direct contact, the connection is through the task traveling through personal networks and outcomes viewed in the same virtual space.

– Students learn abstract visual methods of communicating text.
– Students learn about how copyright laws affect the use of images online
– Students learn digital animation of still images in photoshop.
– Students learn about publishing animated Gif files ready for web
– Students will learn how to setup and upload images to a blog based website
– Students will learn about modern applications for online collaboration

– The students will source creative commons licenced images online to use in an animation
– The students will create an animated GIF
– The class will create an online gallery in a tumblr page and each student will upload their animation with the associated artist, song and lyric listed below.

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