Visual Art and Design Education

My teaching philosophy revolves around creating authentic educational opportunities, drawing on my professional and broader life experience and aiming to create environments where students are free to construct their own knowledge and develop their own opinions.

In the visual arts I believe in weaving the core values of: creative process, divergent thinking, aesthetic problem solving & communication into all learning activities and focus on the transferable thinking skills learned through art and design practice.

My approach to teaching in the creative arts puts my core beliefs about thinking skills at the center of the curriculum. Whilst skills with a medium are important, they have limited applications, the idea is the most important thing! Painting, printmaking, drawing or sculpting are just vessels to carry and share ideas. The value in learning skills lies in the ability to communicate, for without these skills there would be no voice with which to share the ideas.

Many students only experience with making art will be during their F-10 education. Do we spend these years trying to make each of those students into an artist? of course not, many students (and adults) see the subject as a joke! no career path and no future as an artist or designer so why waste time on at at school. We as creative arts educators need to spend those years trying to make students to see the value in thinking like an artist! Being an artist or a designer is a way of thinking that can be applied to any task, It can underpin innovation and creativity in any field.